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Instant Coffee Saturday Edition
Issue 5, March 2, 2002 | ISSN 1499-5085
  • Saturday Edition Feature
  • Cartoon by Anonymous
  • International Coffees
  • Mr Brown
  • Tasters Choice
  • Ten Ten
  • Sanka
    What the fuck is gaming? Not that we really want an answer. But generally, it is assumed that games are used in downtimes--times of non-productivity. Since we're all about work and have all the confidence that all of our actions are leading to some future product/production, we thought we should maybe glance at those who simply see gaming as gaming. This Saturday Edition starts in the city of games, Vegas and then moves to a history of video games that surprisingly doesn't include Vegas as their inspiration.

    We've also found a creative solution to those periods of downtime. Instead of playing games, make a new one, like Renato Ornelas and Kelly Coats did while they we're editing (rendering) videos. Also included a review of Lola Sosa and Mario Marques's soon to be produced game out of someone's old idea and a failed attempt at creating a new game by Holly Ward plus plus plus; and Janis Demkiw's week in review.

    Instant Coffee can't be underdone.

    Send letters to the editor to

    Saturday Edition Feature

    1. A Failed Attempt by Holly Ward

    i'm really sorry, bad news...

    i didn't get the games article ready for you on time. i started writing about how sometimes love (or rather looking for it)just feels like filling in the blanks and how when someone looks at you and you get paranoid that youre just filling in their gap, you want to strangle them and somehow shout your IDENTITY in their shitty faces before they take off on you forever.

    then it bummed me out to realise how disillusioned i am about the whole process and i realised i sounded like an ugly, unsatisfied fuck and i found it too hard to be articulate in that frame of mind.

    i had wanted it to be funny. oh well. not all games are fun.

    2. The History of Video Games
    By Leonard Herman, Jer Horwitz, Steve Kent, and Skyler Miller

    In 1949, a young engineer named Ralph Baer was given an assignment to build a television set. He wasn't supposed to build just any television set, but one that would be the absolute best of all televisions. This was not a problem for Baer, but he wanted to go beyond his original assignment and incorporate some kind of game into the set. He didn't know exactly what kind of game he had in mind, but it didn't really matter because his managers nixed the idea. It would take another 18 years for his idea to become a reality, and by that time there would be other people to share in the glory, like Willy Higinbotham, who designed an interactive tennis game played on an oscilloscope, and Steve Russell, who programmed a rudimentary space game on a DEC PDP-1 mainframe computer. And then there was also Nolan Bushnell, who played that space game and dreamed of a time when fairground midways would be filled with games powered by computers.

    Today, with interest in classic games gaining steam once again, players of video games are reminded of the rich history of the industry. Crave's Asteroids 64 is a modern version of a game that came out in 1979. And the original Asteroids was merely an updated version of Nolan Bushnell's Computer Space, which was really a jazzed-up copy of Steve Russell's Spacewar. Space Invaders, Centipede, Frogger, and Pong are once again on store shelves, and Pong is but a polished variant of the game Willie Higinbotham displayed on his oscilloscope.

    The history of video games is not just about people. It's also about companies and ironies. Atari was an American company with a Japanese name, and the Japanese company Sega was started by an American. Magnavox, the company that started it all, is owned by Phillips, a company that is over a century old, and Nintendo, the company that made video games popular again, is just as old. And who would have ever thought Sony, the company that invented all types of electronics, from transistor radios to video recorders, would release a video game console that would become its top-selling product of all time?

    In today's world, where video games are often cited as a source for teenage violence, it's interesting to see that the first home console also had a light rifle as an optional peripheral.

    The world of video games continues to evolve. By reading about the past, perhaps you'll also get a glimpse of the future.

    The article continues with many more sections. Read on online.

    Before the Games 1889-1970
    The Games Begin 1971-1977
    The Golden Age 1978-1981
    The Great Crash 1981-1984
    Video Games are Back 1985-1988
    The Home Market Expands 1989-1992
    The 32-bit Era Begins 1993-1997
    The Modern Age 1998-1999
    The New Era 2000-2001

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    3. Vegas Art Vacation by someone wonderful

    !!!!who cares about art when the first fantastic night i saw Wayne Newton at the stardust, he kissed me!!! HE came onstage to "thus spoke Zarathr..." (you know, space odyssey 2001) just like Elvis? a bit pretentious really. disguised in a velcro space suit and helmet , which he ripped off, and he ended on "McArthur Park" during which he made it rain! the stage was rained on. this was fantastic. and he insulted the audience continually by making sly "Indian" jokes, to the effect of "you middle class american honkys just paid 50 bucks to see an Indian perform and I'm laughing all the way to the bank." GO WAYNE. plus we kissed Wayne. most people find this disgusting but i'm very pleased with myself. i took 72 photos of wayne? i was overexcited and we were the only people there under 65. you would have loved it.

    Coincidentally (as an "art" aside), Dave Hickey also got a "genius award" that night at UNLV. thought you'd appreciate that.

    On the last night, i saw my fav Elvis (at the Riveria - famous and still original smelly sleeze hotel where even young Liberace and young Elvis performed together once) - Jim Laboeuff (i'm a big fan from way back). he too kissed us, this night we got really really drunk , we were very depressed to leave and we had just witnessed an h2O pukefest interpretation of Celine "i only use my crap voice for evil" barff queen Dion's "My Heart Goes On" at the Bellagio fountains so we were a bit maudlin. and then we had to leave halfway through the concert for our flight. D, my traveling companion, had bought a big electric fork for turkey checking for a gift and it was sticking out of her backpack carryon so she of course got pulled over by the 19 year old army guy and searched and i headed directly to the bar to continue drowning my sorrows and tell everyone in the bar that my Cdn. friend was held up over a fork. they really think Cdns are stupid over there so this was a hit. according to D (who was also pretty drunk), as soon as i got on the plane, i was like "hey, when can i get a drink around here?" and the stewardess was like "lady we have to take off first", then i passed out and woke up in Chicago at 5 am where I slept on the concrete floor with a big freezing cold fan overhead for the whole two hour break. and what a lady i am...

    During the vegas middle we met a hot bartender named Woody! who gave us fantastic REAL cocktails in fabulous glasses and hung out with us at the tiki bar of choice, "Venus" at the Venetian (ask for Woody!), and we saw dancing girls and an unbelievable mamba sort of band that was unbelievable, we stayed in a beautiful cheap dump shaped like a sea shell on the strip (La Concha), we drank at my fav real rat pack-esque bar (the Algiers), we saw sharks and we saw the great cats of Siegfried and Roy, we saw dolphins fucking furiously, we walked up and down the strip (no wheels), we saw some spectacular unenthusiastic cover band entertainment (i love cover bands so much)( think lionel richie - "all. night. long. allniiiight. allniiiiight... "), we went to the Liberace museum (currently under renovations so half is closed but still worth the trip-- the world's biggest rhinestone!). i ignored the new Guggenheim as it was 12 bucks US and it had a motorcycle show (ad billboard - b/w photo of larry fishborne - fine looking man yes - sitting on a Harley, lovely but i was saving up for dinner.) the Steve Winn collection was no longer in the Bellagio as the creep sold the Bellagio and bought the Desert Sands (make up your mind?) which now featured a massive LED that flashed: "Now Appearing! Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne" etc etc etc. The sign didn't seem to be drawing in the crowds. Good, Steve Winn is the motherfucker that ruined vegas. don't go on principal. plus those goddamn paintings are so overrated. can we just move on already? jesus christ. Air Supply were playing at Caesar's palace and Charro was at the Mirage. she looks great! (in her press photo). extremely tempting but we had blown the bank on Wayne.

    The only bad spot in our perfect (even with the exchange rate) Vegas art vacation was that my absolute all time fav lounge entertainer, the one, the only - Cook E. Jarr, the renovator of vulgar with a voice of pure honey and a bewitching Iggy Pop's dad meets Don Rickles thing going on, was on fucking vacation. This after i had phoned Harrahs twice to check his schedule before booking a flight so that we could be sure to see him. So, as we stood outside on the strip at midnight freezing under electric heaters and wooden parrots waiting for The Jarr to fire up his karoke machine, and then got a Temptations cover band instead, we had to accept that sometimes life is very cruel.

    the only other blemish on the perfect trip (more like a bleeding ulcer)- we learned from a very bitter bartender at Caesar's that they were currently ripping up the colossal grounds of the Grande Hotel (with the outdoor loud speakers that greet you in - Caesar - with a fake british accent- so beautiful...) because they were building an outdoor coliseum for... you guessed it - Celine "i only use my crap voice for evil" barff queen Dion to perform exclusively for the next three years. Canada's revenge on the smug US of A or Morman conspiracy to drive the last fun out of Vegas? the barff queen will be playing outdoors right across the street from the Great Cook E.'s outdoor (and hirsute) extravaganza. the true war of good versus evil. bring your m-16.

    Cook E. Jarr - Las Vegas' #1 Lounge Entertainer:
    Cheap airfares - Vegas return for under $400 cdn - fuck air canada:

    More like letter from vegas. art is what you make it. links added posthumously--late December, 2001

    International Coffees

    1. 'UDC+everyone', Galeria Garash, colonio Roma, Mexico City - Feb. 8th 2002.

    Garry Kennedy used to say if you didn't take pictures it didn't happen.

    So in this regard, Instant Coffee is interested in taking pictures whether anything happens or not to make sure something is always happening. And when something does happen we are surprised that pictures turn out at all.

    While Instant Coffee was in Mexico City we threw an event called UDC+everyone, at this new gallery called Galeria Garash in colonio Roma of Mexico City on Feb. 8th 2002.

    Though Garash is not slated to open its doors till April of this year they were generous enough to provide us with their unfinished gallery for our somewhat ambitious project (ambitious precisely because communicating in our short Spanish makes everything more difficult) and hooked us up with some promotional help.

    Please find attached article/review of our event in Mexican Daily Newspaper "Reforma" and its subsequent translation via one of many search engines available over internet and try to pore through its meanings and others alike.

    - instant coffee

    Unen en 'discoteca' 52 obras multimedia / Uniting in Discoteca 52 multimedia works

    El proyecto canadiense se exhibió una sola noche y ofreció la antítesis de una exposición. A one night Canadian project which offers an anthisesis of an exhibition.

    Por OMAR GARCÍA / Reforma By Omar Garcia / Reforma..

    Ciudad de México (11 febrero 2002).- Concebido como la antítesis de una exposición de arte "normal", el proyecto artístico Instant Coffee Projects conjuntó las propuestas multimedia y de performances de 52 creadores de todo el mundo en Urban Disco Cart (UCD), instalación que convirtió la noche del viernes a la Galería Garash en una discoteca temporal. Mexico City (11 February 2002) Conceived as an anthitheseis of a "normal" art exhibition, Instant Coffee Projects combined the proposed multimedia and performances of 52 worldwide creators in the Urban Disco Cart (UCD), and installation that turned Friday night at the Garash Gallery into a tempoary discoteca.

    UCD utilizó música electrónica, luces, proyectores, imágenes y dos carritos de feria, colocados sobre unas pequeñas plataformas, para concretar un espacio "etéreo", que por una sola noche sirvió como punto de convivencia y exhibición para la comunidad artística del país, explicaron sus creadores, los canadienses Jenifer Papararo y Jinhan Ko. The UCD used electronic music, lights, slide projectors, and two vending carts, placed on small platforms, to make a space "etero", that for a single night served as a point of coexistence and exhibition for the communtity of artist of the counrty, explained their creators, the Canadians Jenifer Papararo and Jinhan Ko. La "fiesta" comenzó pasadas las 20:00 horas, cuando jóvenes creadores como Arcá

    La "fiesta" comenzó pasadas las 20:00 horas, cuando jóvenes creadores como Arcángel Constantini y Jennifer Teets deambulaban por la galería —situada en la cochera del edificio porfiriano que ocupa el número 49 de Álvaro Obregón—, mientras la cerveza y los cigarros en abundancia 'circulaban' vertiginosamente. The fiesta began at 8pm, when young artists Arcangel Constantini and Jennifer Teest rambled by the gallery - situated in the garage of the Porfiriano Building that occupies number 49 Alvaro Obregon - while the beer and cigarettes circulated vertiginously.

    "Todo consiste en adaptar un lugar para que los artistas puedan reflexionar y presentar cualquier tipo de propuesta, razón por la que nosotros no juzgamos si el trabajo que se exhibe es bueno o malo, sólo tomamos en cuenta la disposición de los creadores para participar. Además de que la instalación refleja lo que está sucediendo en el arte a nivel internacional", explicó Papararo. "Everything consists of adapting a place so that the artists can reflect and present/display any type of proposal, which is reason for which we did not judge the exhibited work to be be good or bad, we only took into account the disposition of the artists to participate. In addition, the installation reflects what is happening in art at the international level", explains Paparraro.

    En este sentido, Ko dijo que a partir de Instant Coffee Projects —que apoya la creación a través de estímulos de toda índole— no pretenden hacer una crítica, sólo abrir un espacio de reunión. In this sense, Ko said that form the part of Instant Coffee Projects - which supports the creation of work.... - without pretending to criticize, only to open a meeting place. [Note: the translation Engine I used ( does the above line as "In this sense, Ko said that from Instant Coffee Projects que supports the creation through stimuli of all Hindu to him, they do not try to make a critic, to only open a meeting space". ---Hindu??????? ]

    El proyecto llegó al país hace un mes, cuando fue presentado a la Galería Garash, después de haberse montado en distintas ciudades de Canadá y Holanda. The project arrived in the country a month ago, when it was presented at the Garash Galleria, after having shown in different cities in Canada and Holland.

    Los canadienses comentaron que Instant Coffee Projects es el resultado de la continua participación de diversos artistas de todo el mundo, quienes en cada presentación aportan nuevos materiales con un sentido preponderantemente visual. The Canadians comments that Instant Coffee Porjects in the result of the continued participation of diverse artists around the world, who in each case present new works with a preponderantly visual sense.

    En México, el espectáculo contó con la colaboración de Galia Eibenrschutz, Edith Pons, Holly Ward, Guillermo Marín, Massimo Guerra, Laura Villalobos, Corrie Lemieux, Renato Ornelas, Ximena Labra, Cecilia Berkovic, Yibran Assuad, Edwarda Gurrola, DuoPandaMix, Minerva Cuevas, Manon Amen, entre otros. In Mexico, the spectacle counted on the collaboration of Galia Eibenrschutz, Edith Pons, Holly Ward, Guillermo Marín, Massimo Guerra, Laura Villalobos, Corrie Lemieux, Renato Ornelas, Ximena Labra, Cecilia Berkovic, Yibran Assuad, Edwarda Gurrola, DuoPandaMix, Minerva Cuevas, Manon Amen among others.

    "Los artistas se unieron al proyecto por iniciativa o por invitación", precisó Papararo. "Aunque a todos les preguntamos si tenían videos que se pudieran conjuntar con música. Posteriormente, trabajaron sus propuestas específicas para la instalación". "The artists were united for the project through initiative and invitation," says Papararo. "Although we all asked them if the had videos that could be combined with music. Later, works were proposed specifically for the installation."

    Los canadienses se conocieron hace tres años en Toronto, en donde se gestó la idea de realizar el proyecto que, al llegar a tierras mexicanas enfrentó un nuevo proceso de concepción artística que le permitiera continuar como una propuesta cosmopolita, expresaron. The Canadians have been known in Toronto for three years, where the idea for the project was realized when they arrived on Mexican soil and faced a new process of artistic conception that allowed for a comsmopolitan artistic expression.

    A pesar de que Ko definió al espectáculo como "frívolo" y "espontáneo", Papararo precisó que fue pensado como un espacio para que los artistas reflexionen en conjunto acerca de su desarrollo plástico. Although Ko defines the spectacle as "frivolous" and "spontaneous", Papararo clarifies that it allows for a pace through which artists can reflect on their practices together.

    "UCD es como un proceso de aprendizaje. Es una lección de hermandad entre los artistas y una forma distinta de crear una cultura pública, pues, aunque parezca un juego, está hecho con profesionalismo", mencionó Ko. "UCD is like a learning process. It is a lesson of brotherhood between artist of a different forms to create a public culture, and although it seems a game, it is done with proffesionalism," Ko mentions.

    Agregó que traer Instant Coffee Projects a México no es fortuito, puesto que, aunado al hecho de que ambos han tenido un contacto constante con el país desde hace un año, la comunidad plástica es muy joven y está interesada en mostrar en todas partes su trabajo. It added that to bring Instant Coffee Projects to Mexico he is not fortuitious, since, combined with the fact that both have been in constant contact with the counrty for a year, the arts community is very young and is interested in show its work everywhere.

    3. Let's make the day of Thank You @RT on March 9th! (39 is read with thank you in Japan.)

    My name is Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, an artist from Japan. I have been promoting a new memorial day, called Thank You @AT in Japan since March 9th last year . I am promoting this new memorial day because Japanese art market is very weak and the number of the art audience is decreasing very rapidly. In a situation like this, it would be so wonderful if the world could share a day through Art. Please let me explain easily though it explains on the page.

    *To make the day of art, I wish that the foot of the fine arts world spreads out by such a day's being here.

    *Before the participation.

    A art gallery, a museum and an individual which will participate in this project can have it join in each one's possible range.

    I think that special value can be made on this project depending on ideas by each participant such as giving a discount on works, preparing special wrapping kits and serving a cup of tea.

    And, I think that anyone can participate in this memorial day.

    Because anybody can stand on the side of either the Thank You @AT organize and, at the same time, join the project as a purchaser and an individual audience.

    Thank You @AT is the day when we want people to go out to enjoy and purchase a work of art for themselves once a year.

    This is thought good if it is holding intention persistently and even what kind of form becomes help of the artistic circulation though it is not to think for the fine arts lover in the actual meaning that to will take root even if person's tastes and the present increase.

    This year, there was the following participation including the information publication.

    Participants in order

    * The watari museum of contemporary art
    * Taro Okamoto Museum of art Kawasaki
    * yamanashi prefectural museum of art(examine)
    * The hakone open-air museum(examine)

    * sho art
    * Contemporary art Factory
    * galerie ou
    * FADs art space
    * Studio BIGART
    * gallery nakatumi/its art business office
    * SOL
    * art cocoon
    * gallery ef
    * gallery iteza(Sagittarius)
    * art and river bank
    * LUIDE
    * Dragged out studio
    * boice planning

    artist residencies
    * ARCUS

    * e-gallery auction

    * Eiichirou Fukase
    * Takashi Murakami
    * Thegroup 1965
    * Kaihatsu Yoshiaki

    Schedule: March 9, every year (It considers including one week before and after, too.)
    Opening and closing time : It is up to each participant.
    Information for participating the 39ART: internet home page of the Contemporary art Factory ( Special Thanks)
    Sponsor: N/A
    Promoter: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (artist)
    Poster design: by Naoko Saita

    If you have any question on this project, please contact either the Contemporary art Factory or me. Participation is based on the individual responsibility. You must understand that the authorities are not supposed to have anything to do with [ to be privy to] these dealings [matters].

    With best regards,

    Kaihatsu Yoshiaki
    EFA Studio Center
    323 West 39th St,#610
    New York,NY 10018
    my phone 1-212-695-5991
    Transfer welcome!

    *Please see the following site if you are interested in this movement. (no English)
    *PLEASE Download a poster if you participate.

    This memorial day shares a poster, and everyone holds an event by the consent person of each place in the world. There is no restriction. It is the joint ownership of the general idea.

    and if you participate in my project. Please fill in the blanks and let me know

    1 Your name(museum ,gallery, or individual)
    2 WEB/URL
    3 e-mail address
    4 address
    5 TEL
    6 Explain the contents of a service which can be provided with an entertainment of "Thank you art" easily.
    (Establish the contents of the service respectively and freely.) .

    send to

    Mr Brown

    instant coffee coffee link
    Coffee Break Arcade Gaming Site

    selected links
    Art education games and projects are amusing and can teach children and adults alike better concentration and co-ordination. These and many other skills are fostered by an appreciation and participation in the arts.

    Art Education and ArtEdventures from Sanford and A Lifetime
    Crayola Creativity Central
    Art Attack
    A. Pintura Art Detective
    Golden Eggs - Children's Activities
    Online interactive colouring pages

    submitted links
    When too much play comes back to haunt you. The site isn't in English, but it is self explanatory--just keep on clicking on the question marks for more pics and animated gifs. We think its funny. The right kind of humour goes a long way.

    Pixel Plunder

    Internet humour

    ANARCHISM: You have two cows. You keep the cows and steal your neighbour's bull. You ignore the government. Meanwhile, your neighbours try to take the cows and kill you. The cows decide you have no right to do anything with their milk and leave to form their own society.

    ARISTOCRATISM: You have two cows. You sell both and buy one really big cow - with a pedigree.

    ARTIST -- VISUAL: You have two cows. You suspend them in formaldehyde in glass display boxes. In London.

    This is just the A's. It is a stupid site don't go there.

    ic supporter links


    Tasters Choice

    Israeli Coffee Chicken
    1 lg. broiler-fryer chicken, cut up
    3/4 c. coffee
    1/3 c. ketchup
    3 T. soy sauce
    2 T. lemon juice
    2 T wine vinegar
    1 T. olive oil
    2 T brown sugar

    Preheat oven to 350° F. Mix liquids and sugar, bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 5-10 minutes to reduce. Pour over chicken in shallow baking dish and bake at 350 degrees uncovered for 1 hour. Baste.

    Ten Ten

    1. Game Review - Form, Color and No Content: Lola and Mario's pretty game
    by Jenifer Papararo

    We weren't the only people working at Renato's place. Jin and i were there making a video compilation for an upcoming event and Renato, Mario and Lola where working on video loops for some rich chicks way older husband's sixtieth birthday. Tardy artists were popping by to drop off their videos for the compilation. Mario was also working on his video for us and Lola was cutting cards.

    After watching Lola out of the corner of my eye cut cards with bright shapes for about ten minutes, I finally asked what she was up to. She said, she was making a game. The game is pretty basic but not easy. You start with a deck of cards, each of the cards has four characteristics: shape, colour texture and quantity and there are three of each characteristic (circle, square, triangle; red, yellow, blue, solid, outlined, dotted; one two or three of the same shape, colour, texture). You shuffle the deck and lay out twelve cards. The players (from one to however many can sit around the table, although people can also stand over other people's shoulders) are looking for sets. You have to find a set of three cards that share three of the same characteristics. For example, they all have to be solid, red and circles or they all have to be dotted, blue and the quantity of the shape (whatever the shape) has to be three. Or( a nice twist) a set can be made out of three cards that are all different. They have to differ in three of the four characteristics; for example, they are all twos, but are different in colour, shape and texture. If they share more than one characteristic then they aren't different enough to make a set.

    Object of the game: to collect as many sets as you can.

    After Lola explained the rules, we started to play a game. I called set about three times before i really had one. Mario joined in and then Renato (Jin doesn't play games). One really nice thing about the game is that if you really don't care about winning you can float in and out it. For example, while your video is downloading, rendering, transferring... you can get out of your chair, wander over to the game and look for a few sets.

    Lola and Mario also made another version of the game where they upped the quantity to four shapes, textures, colours and numbers. For this game you needed to lay out about twenty eight cards (or something, I can't remember) and then begin your search for sets. Surprisingly, this was much harder. I thought that with the increase in the quantity of sets would be popping up all over the place, but I was wrong. I kept forgetting what i was looking for. After i found three, I'd loose track. Honestly, the difficulty of the latter version could also relate to the fact that we just smoked a big fatty before playing it.

    If you want a version of this game let Instant Coffee know, maybe we can get Lola and Mario to send you one (at a price of course). The aesthetics of the game vary in form, colour and texture. They had some pretty combinations picked out. you can order one to match your iMac.

    We're not sure, but we think this game inspired the theme of this issue. But the Olympics may have had something to do with it as well.

    Rating: eight out of ten

    2. Lecture Review - Takashi Murakami, Harbourfront Centre's Brigatine Room, 14 February 2002 7pm
    by Timothy Comeau

    I've tried to be a regular at the Power Plant lectures for the past while, though this doesn't mean I've managed to see them all. What I've noticed is that of the ones I have attended, there is almost always a video component. Either the artist shows excerpts (Atom Egoyan; Arnout Mik) or - the one that really sticks out in my mind - the actual lecture itself (Phillip Monk interviewing Douglas Gordon in the Fall of 2000), is presented on a screen.

    Takashi Murakami's presentation, on Valentine's Day, also featured video. While the audience gathered, scenes from a documentary on him and his work (japanese version) played in a loop, which was effective in giving the crowd something to do while they waited.

    When the lecture did begin, he sat at a table to the left of the stage with his interpreter, who he didn't really rely on. Having seen lectures by foreigners before, I expected what we usually see when foreign leaders visit foreign lands - speak in sentences, or small paragraphs, and then pause to allow the translation. In this case, Murakami simply read from a prepared document, in a halting broken way, but I nonetheless appreciated the effort. His prepared essay went into the history of anime, the uniquely Japanese method of animation, which is an obvious influence on his work, and concluded with the presentation of two videos.

    Something notable about anime
    Since his work involves sculpted mushrooms, he pointed out something that I have never noticed before; in almost every anime film, no matter what the story line, a mushroom cloud is depicted. His sculpted mushrooms appear howvever to be of the more magical variety.

    The videos
    One was a short documentary showing the process at his Hiropon Factory, and the preparations for his show at the Museum of Contempoary Art Tokyo last spring. (Both the show and the video were entitled "summon monsters? open the door? heal? or die?"). The other video was part of a larger work that will be debuting in Paris this summer.

    I think it would be overly presumptuous to say that because he didn't speak English so well he decided to just show videos, however, I thought it worked out beautifully. Usually in the middle of lectures my mind wanders, and I barely remember anything, but being a TV baby I hardly ever forget videos. I felt I learned more and was able to appreciate his practice more because of the presentation of these two works.

    With regard to the second video, which was a critique of American culture.
    Murakami introduced it by saying that the theme he is working with for the upcoming Paris show is a question: is it the case that America provides the line drawings and asks other cultures to fill in the colours? The video featured scenes from American films, opening with the scene from "Patton" (1970) where he denounces losers, and then moving on to the famous line in "Apocalypse Now" (1979), "I love the smell of napalm in the morning". These scenes highlighting the American glorification of violence than move into the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor from last summer's movie of the same name. The film concluded with scenes of Japanese girls singing a song on some TV show, overlaid with news footage scenes of the World Trade Centers being hit (from every angle available) and collapsing. An audience member asked what song it was the girls were singing. His interpreter explained that it was from a Japanese festival called girl day. The tradition is that dolls are collected on this day, being given to the girls by boys, and are displayed in a hierarchy, the top dolls comparable to the figurines of a wedding cake - boy and girl together. The song expressed the girl's wish to be on the top shelf with the boy. Murakami explained that he feels that since their defeat in WW II, there has been a tendency to avoid confrontation, and to focus on the good things in life when confronted with a crisis. Thus the song juxtaposed with WTC was evocative of this.

    Art Star
    On a more general note, in some interviews and reviews of Murakami, a similarity with Andy Warhol is mentioned. His use of pop culture (for him, otaku rather than soup cans) and in the fact that he calls his studio practice a factory (and runs it as a small business manufacturing marketable goods). The aspect that connects this to celebrity was evident at the end, when a small crowd gathered around the table to get autographs. And not only did he indulge the whims of these young admirers (they all looked like art students) with a signature, he also indulged them with drawings, that will probably end up on e-bay someday.

    Rating: nine out of ten

    Related Links
    (more through google search -

    3. Review - Canada vs. USA Gold Medal Game, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Sun 24 Feb 2002
    by Timothy Comeau

    As much as I hate hockey I was jumping around at the end of this game, and even did a little dance of joy. I never thought I'd jump off a couch in excitement over a goal, but my arms pulled me up and up after the Sakic goal in the 3rd period that made it 5-2. I was also charmed by the idea that a loonie had been embedded in center ice the whole time, which somehow brought us the incredible luck of winning the gold with both the women's and men's teams.

    Rating: eight out of ten (ten of ten if I'd been drunk in a bar downtown and then wandered around with a flag in the streets saying wuhu).

    4. Review - Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. 4 January 2002
    by John Drummet of Otiose

    group show called public process.
    lots of peolple, 98% white in a city that is 52% african american, so no surprise there, gallery going is a white middle class leisure activity. everyone dressed up smart, posh frocks and suits, no ties, for the older lot, casual wear for the younger gen'.
    free drinks for artists, had to wear a special badge, so you can be identified by the crowd as an artist.
    as openings go, it was ok, the usual thing. lots of chit chat, drinking and nibbles. not a party, unless you don't get out much.
    then a meal afterwards for the artists and gallery staff. vietnames food, which is really strange, not the food, but the past 3 openings i've attended have all ended with a vietnames dinner. is there something in this, a gesture towards multiculturalism, or is otiose just cynical.

    Rating: four out of ten (by instant coffee, not by john simply because)


    1. 10 games with two sticks and a tape roll
    by Kelly Coats and Renato Ornelas with help from Lola Sosa and Mario Marques

    1. two players hold sticks and try to toss the tape roll from one stick to the other.

    2. using both hands, two players hold a stick behind their heads. one player has the tape roll on their stick and tries to pass it to the other player.

    3. draw two parallel one foot lines out of tape about ten feet apart . divide the space using eight six inch tape lines. place roll of tape outside of the first line. players stand at opposite ends of the parallel lines. one player walks over their stick and kicks the tape roll, trying to move it to just before the next line. the roll must not move past the line. if it does the player must start again and it is the other players turn. you can kick as many times as you like. every time you get to a line you must walk over your stick. when you get to the last line of tape you must kiss the other player.

    4. use tape to attach stick to bottom of foot. one player starts with the tape roll on the end of their stick and tries to kick it on to the other players stick.

    5. cricket or hockey.

    6. players hold stick in front of them and attempt to hold the tape roll betwween the tips of the sticks for as long as possible.

    7. game for one player: player puts tape roll on end of stick. tosses roll and tries to catch it on other stick underneath leg.

    2. The Google name game

    Put a name of interest in google search engine ( A passive stalking method. Or just curiosity.

    Instant coffee examples (first link listed):

    a. timothy comeau
    Timothy Comeau at the Khyber Centre for the Arts
    b. jinhan ko
    Mercer Union: Jinhan Ko
    c. kate monro (will i ever be rid of it?)
    xxx Cyberporn Gallery xxx
    d. jenifer papararo
    Banff Curatorial Summit

    3. Janis Demkiw's week in review

    sat (feb 23): woke late-ish @ mon cowboy's - called brother wes who was coming down from mississauga for some sibling something. still smell like a tequila lounge deadly snake -- six days since I quit smoking & gorgeous springish promise of a day. plans to meet @ i deal coffee. automobile & one-way street market nightmare prompts us to ditch brothers car in ken hayes’ backyard + saunter in the sun down to Shanghai Cowgirl for lunch in the zone. turkey sandwich/chicken fried steak w/gravy

    5pm show of Todd Solenz’ new Storytelling @ the cumberland left me feeling jilted. not like Welcome to the Dollhouse did (which was more about cutting in mid-beat)…this was a sneak job - making a film about narrative tropes (two stories titled "fiction" & "non-fiction") let him mimic flatassed storytelling forms in the name of ‘critique’ - slippery stuff @ best - left me wanting

    greg’s ice cream parlour for roasted marshmallow w/ hot fudge + farewell to brother. then to paully’s in the market - soon joined by emilyh & we're good to go. we byke in trio to Canadia D’ell Arte for the honey sweet sounds of the Reveries (Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, Doug Tielli). imagine music like someone underwater telling you about what it was like to be in love in the twenties - severely gorgeous.

    @ intermission dd macdonald showed me some suite green folders he thought I’d like + gave me a cd of something he’s been working on.

    late later leftish party on Springhurst for videos in the basement snuggled under blankets like grade nine. except arty.

    home avec mon cowboy

    sun: premature verticality for 12pm mtng @ mercer union. post mtng lakeview lunch lunch w/

    ceramic matador figurine sitting in front of my apt door when I return home. o mysterioso…

    canada wins olympic hockey gold & the city freakks - transit escape to pub on danforth to visit cowboy's friends from the good old days of the wilde wilde west. there's no escaping it and the pubfolk inevitably belt out drunked rounds of ocanada upon ocanada

    undercovers @ home we watch the last 3/4 of Primal Fear starring Richard Gere & Edward Norton.

    bye bye mon cowboy

    mon: a.m. return to my desktop calendar @ the b.a.n.k. to realize we missed the World Provider show I’d been so geared up for sunday nite. sigh

    600+ rhizome_raw posts in my Inbox make me question everything

    i decide today that for variety I’ll start to say "My Pleasure…" rather than "You’re very welcome…" when people thank me on the phone @ work

    respond to instantcoffee post from temporarilylocated looking for proposals for conceptual sculpture/installation projects. post is vague so instead of sending cv & pix i ask for specs on the space, costs/fees etc.

    byking 6ish en route to rivoli for kim adams lecture intercepted by e.s. dear friend since high school who i never see waiting for a streetcar. I walk her to the next stop which continues continues into an evening of hooky - food out then tea etc @ my bauhaus where we talk about the baby she is going to have.

    later i gear into production mode and make some things for a bit. cowboy calls @ 2am cause he knows i freestyle when i'm half-asleep + special bonus offer i'm losing my voice so it's Kathleen Turner style for a limited time only.

    tues: co-worker charmaine is concerned that since i started making coffee @ work I now drink ½ pot myself each day

    email reply from temporarilylocated saying not to worry if my cv is not great but they need to see it -- still no specs on the space. queen w rental whatever

    email from derek asking if I got the petite treat he’d left outside my door on sunday (cf. sunday - ceramic matador). joyous joy he is moving into my building in may (!)

    evening dear puppeteer jamie s's 31st birthday party + screening of an episode of his new television show Canadian Geographic for Kids where they visit tres exotique Kensington Market to find out about the world

    eating party hors d’oeuvres @ an alarming rate because I've had no dinner. craig & I walk down to New York Subway for burritos where some crazy talk radio seduces us & we realize we’re both Leos. back to party etc.

    Tracy from Sluttarded had brought ESG - A South Bronx Story to the party (which I’d never heard) + we played it over & over all nite. They’ve so sampled so re-sampled in the past 20 yrs tht tracy says their last album(song?) was called Album Credits Don't Pay the Rent. so BUY it succkas!

    (anyone hot for Our Lady Peaches - this is fukken IT)

    chandra shows us her incredible yamaha. ya you heard me.

    byke home to the fantasy futon

    wed: early day -- work @ 8am. thank you for calling cibc this is janis how may i help you? one moment please it's my pleasure.

    evening Mercer BOD meeting -- talk talk walk walk

    Cor comes over for tea apres & I finally get to show him the roll of ancient wood-paneling wallpaper i want to put up in the kitchen & the Gowan storyboard for the Criminal Mind video cowboy gave me for xmas. am i really so bad? i am.

    cor leaves for the nite shift. I consider reconsider new furniture arrangement in my apt. drafting table i never draft on moved to kitchenette zone. severe clothing situation demands action - considering mounting bar for clothes in the remains of an ancient walk-in that was supposed to be a studioarea but never worked. my current puny triangular closet is a joke in this town

    mon cowboy comes to visit.[goodnight ic]...

    thurs: work work work. i love EZ Rock

    email from instantcoffee asking if i can write a weekinreview on the fly for Saturday Edition. i warn that i've skipped out on anything culturally mapworthy this wk -- something in me's going weirdly domesticon. they say fantastic i say you're on

    goodwill buy the pound w/emilyh reaps new blk fancylady dress that smacks of peroxide + sensible skirts w/ adorable pleats for the b.a.n.k. + trashy italian shoes w/clear acrylic everything + thomas dolby she blinded me with science on casette. em finds leather belts that blow my mind and a wool skirt that fixes it.

    dominion stop for ingreds for a fine 6-dollar-currie. cowboy comes for currie which he says is delicious & sets his mouth on fire. he asks why my brita water tastes like cheese i tell him to ask my fridge. what am i an adult?

    fri: budgeted time for muesli this a.m. - which makes for a different kind of day

    i laugh all the way to the b.a.n.k.

    workday spent composing elaborate exhausting + long overdue email to close friend instead of finishing ic review. ahem

    i jet to concourse lcbo before it closes @ 6pm for stella artois anticipating friday cocktails @ artmet. back to the office: last workday before a week's holidays -- i'm suddenly a contender in the email olympics...working serious doubletime to tie up loose ends. natalie dv tells me artmet cocktails are off -- they're having a lecture, so i strap the 6-pack to my back & byke to canadia d'ell arte for a testrun of nobu adilman's Nobu Karaoke. new beats for c'mon wit your c'mon not working inspires audience to improvise backup groove. the sweetest kinda fun

    @ the canadia bar i buy beer despite my 6-pack in tow. em & i find a dish of tiny treasures & costume jewellery bits that you can trade for things from your pockets. satisfying negotiations leave me with some sparkly something.

    byke to the cowboy ranch for tech support -- guy's having hotmale troubles sending out promo emails for the JUST LIKE THE MOVIES show (w/ the uncut, little clever, mind/body/soul) @ tequila lounge this Wed March 6th (yes truly shameless i know it)

    aspirations of getting to the Hidden Cameras cmw show slowly slowly evaporate into

    sat: au revoir, ic...

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