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Instant Coffee Saturday Edition
Issue 1, October 20, 2001 | ISSN 1499-5085
  • Saturday Edition Features
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  • Sanka
    Instant Coffee Saturday Edition is an extension of Instant Coffee's email list service, which has been promoting local, national and international events to a targeted audience for over a year. S.E. is a monthly email & online zine.

    Translation: Instant Coffee Saturday Edition [i.c opinions and things we like] is an extension of Instant Coffee's [a loose collective of keen people who like to do things and talk about themselves] email list service, which has been promoting local [i.c activities, art exhibitions, lectures, house parties, music events] national [our activities, calls for submissions, magazine launches] and international [our activities, conferences, silly and serious art projects, residencies, web site launches] events to a targeted audience [our friends, family, people we think are important, acquaintances, strangers, willing subscribers and a few reluctant receivers] for over a year [the first event we promoted, other than our own, was Nestor Kruger's piece for THE BALCONY a project organized by James Carl in September 2000].

    Instant Coffee Saturday Edition is a monthly [or bi-monthly, we haven't decided yet] email [no more searching for something to read. S.E. will come directly to your inbox] & online [you can go to this URL for a prettier lay out and eventual archive] "magazine".

    Instant Coffee takes submissions. Of every kind. We're interested in articles reviews and links about music, video/film, art exhibitions, architecture and design... and self indulgent drivel for the Sanka section.

    Send letters to the editor to

    Saturday Edition Feature

    1. First Day of Snow Contest

    We remember it once snowing at the beginning of October, so we don't think it's too early to begin taking nominations for the first day of snow.

    Email with your projected date.

    The winner will receive a very special something or other. In case of the same day being chosen, the winners will share the prize. To be declared a winner, the snow day must be obvious. Those days when a couple of flakes appear at 7am don't count. It has to flurry and build up on the ground. Rule of thumb - If it snows enough for car accidents, then you are the winner.

    (Every cloud has a silver lining and a snow flake).

    A Happy Halloween mail-out will list the nominated days, since it probably won't snow by then...

    ... but you never know so send in your guess today!

    2. The Urban Disco Trailer/ I.C. Residency

    The UDT is a party/event on wheels used by artists for projects, performances and good times. The UDT first appeared @workplace with the support of FADO, Aug of 2000. In various versions, it has since appeared at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Power Plant (Toronto), Saidye Bronfman Centre (Montreal) and SAW Gallery (Ottawa).

    But what happens to the UDT in its down time? In September 2000, Toronto Artists, Lucia De L'Armor and Ken Kogawa, were first asked to keep the trailer busy with activities. Now almost a year later video artist, Travis Gledhill is designing a self-directed program for his Fall stay. In the next couple of weeks, the Urban Disco Trailer will be taken over by the Urban Monkey for a weekend video shoot. In April 2002, Chris Mason will be wowing his bride with the UDT, as he has booked the trailer for their honeymoon.

    The UDT is available for parties, exhibitions, weddings and almost anything. If you are interested, please e-mail

    - Jinhan Ko

    International Coffees

    Neoconceptualists are everywhere, but who and what are they?

    This question has been bothering me lately, as I hear the term Neoconceptual being bandied about, and I repeatedly use it to define practices I tend to like. I've been casually asking people what they think the difference is between Conceptual and Neoconceptual art practices, and it doesn't seem to be an easy question to answer. Even though I've gotten some astute (or at least interesting) responses, many people have said little more than 'good question'. David Lindsey, basically told me that all art is conceptual and based on ideas so my query was pretty much pointless. Francine Prinet offered some concrete points; one of them being that Neoconceptualists are more willing to embrace popular culture in their critique of it. And Jinhan Ko, plainly said, "Neo-Conceptualists aren't afraid of the aesthetic."

    I found an article, "Shall We Kill Daddy," by Mike Kelly on the web. Essentially, it's a catalogue essay for a Douglas Huebler retrospective, but in situating Huebler's career, Kelly outlines some astute differences between Conceptual and Neoconceptual art practices.

    If you're interested check out this URL

    - Jenifer Papararo

    Mr Brown

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    Tasters Choice

    Instant Cappuccino Mix
    1/2 cup instant coffee
    1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar
    1 cup instant nonfat dry milk
    1 tsp dried grated orange peel
    1 tsp cinnamon
    Instructions: Mix together in the blender. Wait for the dust to settle after turning it off. Store in an airtight container. Use 2 tablespoons per cup of hot water.

    Cafe Au Lait Mix
    2 cup instant nonfat dry milk
    1/2 cup powdered sugar
    1/2 cup instant coffee
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    Instructions: Blend together in a blender. Store in an airtight container. Use 1/4 cup of mix for each 2/3 cup hot water.

    Ten Ten

    Lecture Reviews by Timothy Comeau
    (Wherein the reviewer reveals his bias):

    I didn't know who Mik was and am still unsure how to say his name.
    Aernout Mik, Harbourfront Centre's Brigatine Room, 20 September 2001 7pm

    Normally for Power Plant lectures in the Brigantine Room, the room is full of chairs, but this evening, a week and three days after the proverbial shit hit the fan, there were half as many, and of that, barely half were filled. The works presented by Mik were oddly au courant given the circumstances. The first video he showed, depicted stunned stockbrokers sitting around a trading room, their computers off and papers scattered everywhere. Even though the video was made much earlier, was this not the scene experienced the previous week's Tuesday?

    And that weighed on the lecture. Aernout Mik gave a subdued performance. He chose not to stand on the stage, but to walk around the front of it. He wore a lapel mike, which made him appear less like a celebrity at a genre-convention (which is exactly what he was--wasn't he?) and more like a member of the audience. Mik sat at the edge of the stage while showing examples of his video works, which depicted fictive scenes that caricatured disaster. He remarked that he was uncomfortable and was not sure how he felt about the works. His uncertain nature diminished his authoritarian role, erasing the relationship of dictator and dictated to. It was as if he was also experiencing his own work for the first time.

    There's been a lot of community spirit in the last few weeks, which is at least one silver lining in the cloud of paper and ash -- a scene Hollywood has depicted a thousand times, but still fails to give the lasting impressions of handicam images of a doctor hiding behind cars saying, "I hope I live, I hope I live." Fade to black.

    Rating: Eight out of Ten

    I have admired Kingwell for some time.
    Mark Kingwell, Aesthetics PHL 285, University of Toronto, 27 September 2001 12-3pm.

    What is beauty anyway, especially now? Kingwell's subject of the day was Kant's views on beauty, that elusive something that supposedly gives us a glimpse of higher forms of being. Kingwell displayed his intellect with logical diagrams, that may have lacked Beuysian beauty, but displayed Cartesian design. (I thought that overhead displays would have been great, but then again maybe they would have just been distracting and in bad taste).

    Kingwell is so good, I wish all my teachers were as great. He knows his subject matter as if he made it all up himself. And, most importantly, he knows his audience. Instead of boring us with the stupid old "What if a demon were deceiving me" bullshit that is the usual when explaining Decartes, he used a contemporary example: "The Matrix". (An aside if you will - I hated The Matrix because I feel it is too amateurish. It is such high school stoner philosophy. What if reality is all in our heads? Gee, not that sophisticated. But until then, I hadn't connected Decartes to what has become amateur in our time).

    The mastery of the performance was not matched by the set design. Like a good wine served in a paper cup, the architecture of a cement block room can suck the life out of any good material. I was left feeling like a stressed out student rather than an enriched human being, though the mastery of Kingwell as a teacher did leave me feeling somewhat more able to understand the relevance of this stuff.

    Last word: It is so nice to be in a group where one can say the word "canonical" and not have to stop and explain it. Instead, that privilege was saved for the word, "belletristic".

    Rating: Ten out of Ten


    1. Kate's Week in Review

    Sat: Woke up hungry and was cranky until I ate, which wasn't until 1 pm in Stratford (half a huge roast beef and sauerkraut sandwich at a cafe whose name I don't remember. It was good.). It was my Mother's birthday. My parents picked Andrew and I up at 11 am and we drove to the bed and breakfast (The Chisholms, Stratford) to drop our bags off. After lunch we went to see Henry V at the Avon Theatre. I admit I slept through a good deal of it. I don't like battle scenes. But the most annoying scene is when the French Princess (Catherine?)attempts to learn the English words for various body parts and she just keeps repeating them in a horrible giggly lilting voice. Dinner at the Bijou was great. Later, I took a lavender bubble bath in an over the top Victorian bathroom with a big sculpted bath.

    Sun: We all went for a huge breakfast at a diner claiming to be 'Where all of Stratford meets for breakfast' (probably not an exact quote). It did appear that a lot of people go there. I had the Paulette Bunyen platter because the Paul Bunyen was just gross. We drove around some and then headed home in the rain. Don't recall much of my evening.

    Mon: I worked onsite at my usual gig. Long day, didn't stop once. I went for dinner at the Bishop. I have a vague memory of working on Instant Coffee stuff on the computer until I crashed ...

    Tues: I worked onsite at my usual gig. Long day, didn't stop once. Had a drink after work and then went to the cameron for the Instant Coffee / Laura Borealis event. I was a bit drunk. Laura gave me a copy of her CD and a funky slashed glow in the dark t-shirt with her beloved snake on the front. I stayed out late with Jinhan and Jenifer and others...

    Wed: I worked onsite at my usual gig. Not such a long a day, took a couple of surfing breathers. Had a nice chat on the street with Andrew Patterson. Went home to watch tv and go to bed early after eating a take out chicken shwarma platter.

    Thurs: Worked onsite on a contract, building a database. Had some oysters at Oyster Boy then went nextdoor to JJ Lee's opening at Angel Gallery, and enjoyed a good shot of colour on silk. I like the lacy looking mylar drawings. And the blue paint rocks. Following that I went to the Gladstone with the artist and friends and I did Karaoke for the first and probably last time in my life: We sang (if you can call it that) Losing My Religion by REM.

    Fri: Not feeling too well, maybe I have a 'flu'. Most of the day was spent working on Saturday Edition and also doing some database contract work for a few hours. The nice task of the day was trimming and bringing in my herbs - nice smells. I'll try to get my wedding invite address list put together tonight. Or maybe I'll just watch tv.

    2. Timothy's Catch Phrases

    >From: "Timothy Comeau"
    >To: "Stephen MacEachern"
    >Subject: Catch Phrases
    >Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 20:06:59 -0400
    >Hi Steve,
    >I need your help with something
    >I'm trying to compile a list of my catch phrases, including the famous, "What the fuck do you care" and "Helloh". These spring to my mind since you always teased me with them. Can you remember any others besides "Auf de Mauer"? (Recently I have been saying "Oy vey").
    >I'm sure there are some that I'm missing. Can you think of any?

    So far then:
    1. What the fuck do you care?
    2. Helloh
    3. Auf du Mauer
    4. Super x from the Seventies
    5. Dude!
    6. Okay
    7. I don't care
    8. Oy Vey
    9. yeah, un-uh, anyhoo

    From: Steven MacEachern
    To: Timothy Comeau
    Date: September 30, 2001 9:32 PM
    Subject: Re: Catch Phrases

    I know a couple....
    "dude!" - very recent
    "okay" - your answer to almost anything
    "I don't care" - another answer to almost anything
    That's the one's that spring to mind. What are you going to do, put them on a t-shirt? to ya soon.

    Instant Coffee Saturday Edition is our (sort of) monthly email/online zine. Saturday Edition compliments to Instant Coffee's email list service, which has been promoting local, national and international events to a targeted audience since 2000.

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