T-Shirt Show
Online Catalogue

November 2001 - November 2002
curated by instant coffee
in collaboration with Timothy Comeau

When I was fourteen my best friend got me a job at Big Brother's T-shirts in Chinook Mall. It was one of those iron on places, where you could get ready-made decals like "I'm with stupid" plus arrow and "I'm not twofaced. If I was, would I be wearing this one?" put on old or new T-shirts. There were hundreds of options from illustrated unicorns in rainbow saturated landscapes to rock band logos. But the most popular selling items were the felt letters. Sure they were mostly used by sports teams, but people also used them to convey their own sentiments (from nasty to nice) or to retell their favorite poems (ie, "If you love something, set it free").

I really sucked at this job. I never had a steady enough hand to line up the decals or letters. More than not they were crooked and at least three times I remember putting them on completely upside down. I only lasted about three months, but the experience was just the beginning of my discovery of the T-shirt as a creative means of expression. - Jenifer Papararo

The T-Shirt Show launch was held at the Art Gallery of Ontario in November 2001.

This catalogue is the primary venue for the T-shirt Show, a collection of artist t-shirts. The shirts are available in limited editions and variable sizes and colours. Some will be made to order.

Email your order to t-shirts@instantcoffee.org and we'll tell you the availability and the total cost (shipping not included). We will send you your shirt when we receive a cheque or cash.

1.  1000km Design Buro  $19.99

girl bandeau T's in pink and white

2.  Andrew McLaren  $30.00

School of Raphael Sanzio (1483-1520). Saint George of the Bushes (N.D.) Firenzie, Museo Scatologica

3.  Andrew Reilly  $24.99

4.  Cecilia Berkovic + Kate Monro  $24.99

5.  Celeste Toogood  $60.00 for 2, or $40.00 for 1

6.  Chantal Rousseau  $40.00

edition of 5. clowns just want to have fun

7.  Chris Martin  $40.00

day glo green ghost

8.  Greg Hefford  $24.99ea

one set only

9.  Greg Staats  $90

edition of 6, embroidered. Rain Rain The first real good rain for many weeks

10.  Holly Ward  $50

rollover to see open/ closed

11.a  Instant Coffee  $14.99

11.b  Instant Coffee  $14.99

12.a  James Carl  $55.00

12.b  James Carl  $55.00

13.  Jenis Demkiw  $14.99

Send us your shirt & I will mask your logo with a new reflective surface. Stay safe at nite!

14.  Jess Rowland  $29.99

I'm making little hair shirts for mice to punish them for telling me what to do all the time. They are tiny and will be encased in a little box with a book enclosed at the bottom so you have to touch the hair shirt to get to the book. jess.

15.  Jessica Thompson  $120.00

The running joke in the past 6 months between my partner and I has been a form of bad kung fu that we have given the somewhat precarious name of iKea. This form of physical comedy (not to be confused with Shinobu Akimoto's Ikea Living Series Project) incorporates the usua sound effects and gestures minus the physical contact. iKea is all style, no substance.

The use of hand gestures is an often ignored component of everyday conversation. untitled sound-shirt consists of microphones, amplifiers, and speakers sewn into an ordinary long sleeved t-shirt. Sound is created through contact between the microphones and the fabric of the shirt, punctuating the hand and arm gestures of the wearer into manufactured static, infusing an unconscious act into the realm of performance while, minus the background music, reducing any imitation of the real thing to bad audio.
- Jessica

untitled sound shirt 2001

16.  Jinhan Ko  

17.a  Jon Sasaki  $20.00

Brains vs. Brawn

17.b  Jon Sasaki  $3.99


18.  Jordan Sonenberg  $24.99

Instructional sewing pattern t-shirt. Simply cut, pin and sew the HOODS t-shirt. Apply the pattern to any novelty printed t-shirt. Put your style where your mouth is!

19.  Kika Thorne  D.I.Y or $100.00

take a pair of scissors + cut holes where your nipples are

20.  Laura Borealis  $9.99

21.  Lisa Deanne Smith  $35.00

rollover to see front/ back

22.  Lisa Kannakko  $25.00

edition of 12. vintage re-issue - I seek to carry enthusiasm and optimism with me, hoping to spread it to others.

23.  Lisa Klapstock  $95.00ea

edition of 3. 3 photographic images in vinyl pockets

24.  Marco Bortolussi   $15.00

available in orange, blue and yellow

25.  Michael Klein  $25.99

26.  Natalie De Vito  $40.00ea

pink glitter on black T. blue glitter on black T

27.  Nicole Bauberger  $45.00

edition of 2

28.  Peter Kingstone   $29.99

29.  Sasha Havlik  $7.00

edition of 3. T-shirts with black hole prints. The holes may serve to disguise company promotions, product logos or work clothing.

30.  Simone Moir  $24.99ea

1, 2. found t-shirts with stenciled self-defense illustrations

31.  Timothy Comeau  $20.00ea

1, 2

32.  Tullis Rose  $20.00ea

impossible skateboard ramps (5 different designs)

33.  Drive Drive  $30.00

glow in the dark fitted T. also order from www.drivedrive.com

This is an Instant Coffee project in collaboration with Timothy Comeau. Instant Coffee is an ambitiously sincere artists collective that specializes in cultural stunts and above average mediocrity.

Special Thanks: Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario Arts Council, Mercer Union

Email your order to: t-shirts@instantcoffee.org and we'll tell you the availability and the total cost (shipping not included). We will send you your shirt when we receive a cheque or cash.
T-shirt show good for one year. Nov 2001 - Nov 2002

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