The week in review: May 2 to May 8, 2004
Misha Glouberman

This week was, on the whole, a good week for me. No one is denying that. There was a satisfying balance of pleasure and accomplishment, along with quite a few happy surprises. But does it really represent substantive progress? Is it any better than the week that preceded it? 

To provide fair day-by-day comparisons, I used this chart:



Sun 05/02: It was nice talking to Scott. And the Korean meal was fun. But this day included way too much work, especially for a Sunday. **  Sun 04/25: After a shaky start (logistical problems, possible symptoms of an oncoming cold), the day turned around with a fine ending - a very lovely evening of board games at Room 101. **** Last Week 
Mon 05/03: Television! Sweet, sweet television! I forgot you ever existed. Can you forgive me? ***** Mon 04/26: This might strike some as an excessive or even gaudy way to arrange days of the week. A Trampoline Hall day right after a Room 101 day? Unorthodox, yes, but the end result was surprisingly pleasing and well-balanced . **** This Week
Tues 05/04: Well crafted, with a beginning, middle, and end. Fried chicken in the park with Margaux and my bike back from the shop!? An embarrassment of riches. **** Tues 04/27: If someone were to criticize this day as old-fashioned, or even dumb, I suppose I'd have to agree. But somehow I really liked it. *** This Week
Wed 05/05: An uncertain start (does anyone not cancel meetings anymore?), but some pleasant surprises. The coincidences seemed a little unlikely (could that really have been my old Commodore 64 he had when he was a kid?) But on the whole: a good day: sexy, festive, and full of life. *** Wed 04/28: A fabulous party, but it was had by other people. * This Week
Thurs 05/06: Seemed lacking at the time. The book launch was okay, but why leave like that, right before the readings? And all that waiting around for people to reply to emails. In retrospect, though: somehow more than the sum of its parts. ** Thurs 04/29: This might have been a truly great day for someone else, but I just can't wake up that early. The free Spanish meal was nice, but even the Nihilist Spasm Band was a bit exhausting. Okay, but not worth repeating. **1/2 Last Week
Fri 05/07: The Gym. A walk in Kensington market. Dinner with by parents. The components work, and work well together. But haven't we seen all this before? ** Fri 04/30:  I can't even remember anything about this day, and it was less than 2 weeks ago. I expect more than this. * This Week
Sat 05/08: If, as Canadians, we keep pretending that days like this are adequate, we're selling ourselves short. ** Sat 05/01: You wouldn't think that the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and a new no-fee bank account would work so well together in a single day. But somehow they did! 05/01, you surprised me! ***


Last Week

A more careful examination supports the initial supposition. This week outscores last week by a four-to-three margin when compared day by day, or by 20 to 18.5 when compared using a mathematical total of star ratings. Of course this doesn't indicate an overall trend. It would be a mistake to assume that next week will be better, and the week after better than that. It is especially important that we not let the chart lead to complacency. 

Still, it is good to have some evidence of progress.